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Wiradech loses to Mendoza in sabre final

Bangkok Post, Tor Chittinand, 11.12.2003

Thai fencers managed only one silver from Wiradech Kothny yesterday in the men's sabre individual event.

SEA Games debutant Suphanna Samaboot lost in the semi-final of the women's sabre 15:5 to Vietnam's Nguyen Thi Le Dung and had to settle for a silver. The host fencer went on to take the gold.

Thai-German star Wiradech, who represented Germany at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, lost to the Philippines' Mendoza Walbert Gumabao 15:10 in the sabre final.

The two had fought twice before, with a win for each, but although Wiradech was the top seed and the defending SEA Games champion, the Filipino came out on top this time.

The Thai sabre-team captured Bronze medal.

Results of Thai Fencers:


Nontapat Panchan (Foil Men)
Siriroj Rattaprasert (Epee Men)
Siritida Choochokkul (Epee Women)


Willi Kothny (Sabre Men)
Epee Team Men


Nunta Chantasuwannansin (Foil Woman)
Supanna Samaboot (Sabre Women)
Thai Sabre Team Men
Thai Sabre Team Woman

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